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Mock Up Bestie Single

Mock Up Bestie Single

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This item provides a great opportunity for you to test our products if you've been hesitant about trying a new vendor. With this bundle, you can personally experience the quality and vibrancy of the colors before offering them to your customers. This T-Shirt also provides a perfect opportunity for you to create your own high-quality product photos. You can even run special sales on your groups, such as Grab Bags, Zip Code, and Mystery Shirt sales, and make a significant profit margin. There is no TAT on this T-Shirt as they are made and shipped out during our weekly mock ups. You can choose your size or receive a random size. Colors and designs will be sent at random, but you can specify any colors or designs you do not want in the option box below. For example, you can request no "Pink or Purple" or "Mom" designs.
As a bonus, if you share your own photos of the items you receive in the group you will be sent a discount code for your next purchase on the website.


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